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FFMpeg Hosting Our web hosting is ideal for creating powerful online video sharing websites just like YouTube! With any of our powerful ffmpeg web hosting services, you can use the power of FFMPEG Hosting to convert any video, audio, and other media files to Flash video format.

What is FFMpeg?

FFMPEG is a collection of free softwares that can record, convert and stream digital audio and video. We have incorporated many tools packaged with our FFMpeg web hosting which can convert and encode videos and audio files allowing you to start your own video sharing website!

You can start a YouTube-like Video Sharing TV Site in SECONDS just by installing any video sharing software. Learn More ...

With our video web hosting service, we host your media content using our high performance web servers and multi-homed bandwidth. The video web hosting service makes it accessible from your website and ensure it is presented in the format and media player of your choosing. We are not a "video sharing" service that restricts the length and quality of your content, but are a video hosting provider. Our service will scale to your needs as they grow and we specialize in hosting lengthy presentations and large files. It's easy to become the video sharing provider - Start today!

FFMpeg Features

  • FFmpeg
  • FFmpeg-PHP
  • Mplayer + Mencoder
  • flv2tool + GD Library
  • Libogg + Libvorbis
  • LAME MP3 Encoder


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